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July 2021

My Top 5 Branding Tips

By LJ Blog No Comments

The key to success is consistency.

Much like working out at the gym, the repetition and consistency is what keeps you fit, not the one off visits every so often.

I liken this to what I aim to achieve in my work, building relationships with clients, and stakeholders with my business brand. You need to look, talk and act consistently for the people you serve to begin to trust, rely and believe in what you are selling or servicing. This is a skill I have applied over the years working within dual industries, and below is my Top 5 Tips if you are looking to start or re-vamp your business brand:

1. Create a Style Guide, a ruling document for internal and external stakeholders.

2. Refine your logo to easily adaptable formats.

3. Design a Stationary Kit inclusive of letterhead, email signature and business card design.

4. Create an EDM header and footer for all your external communications.

5. Once you have done all the above, apply this to your website, this may require a complete re-design!

I would love to know your tips and if any of the above resonates with you?!
LJ xx