L J C H A P L I N is a contemporary Australian designer taking you from the Boardroom to the after 5…

We aspire to be the go-to fashion label for the ultimate empowerment dress for women worldwide! We aim to exude you with confidence of looking immaculate so you can focus on achieving your dreams and kicking those goals! We pride ourselves on being the label that brings you consistency and reliability in the design creation, to build loyalty and longevity not only in the garment but in the label’s ethos for our clients.

My dream is to create a high quality, classic, functional dress that can be worn from the Boardroom to the after 5, which can empower women that all can be achieved in one day, in one dress! I believe that corporate wear can be sexy, stylish, fashionable as well as appropriate for a professional setting to allow a multi-use approach to clothing. All of our garments are 100% designed and produced within Australia and abide by fair trade ethics.

I believe to truly feel fullfilled, one must give back, and with this is mind I am proud to be a supporter for UNICEF Australia to help less fortunate women in third world countries. This is a small gesture that I wish to ignite hope in someone else's heart that hasn't been given the same opportunites as myself. With this in mind, I am seeking like-minded babes to be involved in wholesale partnership with the label! Please visit my 'Partnerships' page if you are feeling my vibe and can represent LJ to be the example for others to achieve their dreams, by just being you!